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Yeah, well, I was you today. I was the Doctor. And, apparently, I was quite good at it.

When it's *not* bigger on the inside...

Who are you? That’s what I want to know.


Sherlock Holmes decided that the solar system - the study of the universe, how it works and what goes where, wasn’t important. But, Molly’s parting, lip size and body statistics are pieces of information that he retains :


Greg’s name forever eludes him but - the girl who brought him…

Sherlock’s Confession


“Molly, there you are,” John said a bit out of breath. “have you seen Sherlock?”

“No, why? He doesn’t come in on Wednesdays.”

“Right, okay.” John was pacing back and forth in thought.

“Is everything alright?” Molly asked, getting the doctor to stop mid pace.

John sighed. “Yesterday Lestrade and Sherlock got into a bit of an argument, about alcohol consumption. Eventually it lead to a bet. See, Greg said, that Sherlock couldn’t consume as much alcohol as him. Sherlock retaliated and said Greg couldn’t consume as much as he could. They decided, that they would have to put it to the test.”

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"Lipstick, really? It must be quite the occasion."

His voice rumbled through the silent room and she found herself shutting her eyes to enjoy the impossibly low timbre pass through the air. She turned around slowly to face him, leaning back slightly on the table.

"Are we back to this now?"

"You know what I mean." 

Molly quirked up an eyebrow but Sherlock offered nothing. He sat at the corner of the room by her window, and the afternoon rays striking his uncharacteristic appearance. She took it slowly, from his glossy Oxford shoes to the dark navy pinstripe and up the slightly unbuttoned shit. Quite uncharacteristic.

"You cut your hair." 


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The Woman ~ a sherlolly reinterpretation